Here you can get a glimpse of projects that were created during the project phase of the UWC short courses.

When participating in one of our UWC Short Courses participants gather many ideas on how to make the world a better place. During a subsequent one-year project phase, they can implement these ideas in their own projects in their free time. They are supported by mentors who provide feedback and support in the implementation of the project. Regular online meetings allow the project teams to exchange ideas with each other.


Art Flow

The Art Flow project consisted of an art competition and an exhibition in Cyprus. To participate in the competition, students in Cyprus could collect trash or discarded items and create works of art from them. The best works of art could win cash prizes. All the artworks were exhibited at the Goethe-Institut Cyprus. The competition was aimed at students from both parts of separated Cyprus. The Goethe-Institut was chosen as the venue because it is located in the UN buffer zone, which is accessible to both sides. The project promoted awareness of waste and sustainability as well as international understanding in Cyprus.

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Instagram ArtFlow:


Bread – A Bird Killer

The project Bread – A bird killer makes a local community in Poland aware of why birds should not be fed bread.

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The project aims to improve the health of birds living in the Olawa suburb. For this purpose, the following activities were planned:

  • A debate with bird experts, urban space managers and residents, which was broadcast live on social media.
  • A series of workshops at surrounding schools for children and young people, where they learn what birds are found in the area, and when and with what to feed them. In the workshops they create colorful nesting boxes and signs informing about the harmfulness of bread for birds, which are placed near the Oława River.
  • Throughout the project, social media is used to report on the activities.

Through these activities, team members aim to educate their immediate neighborhood about the dangers of bread to birds and help improve bird health and make residents more environmentally aware.


Not Too Young

With Not Too Young three participants have jointly built their own platform for activism. On the platform, blog entries are published, events are curated and like-minded people can network with each other.

With the platform, the team aims to raise awareness of global issues and encourage young people to become more involved in their local communities. The website consists of several sections where team members compile information on current events and publish their own blogposts on relevant topics.





The Pitted Cherry

The  Instagram account “Pitted Cherry shares vegan and seasonal recipes to show the influence of nutrition and food on a sustainable lifestyle and inspire people to cook more environmentally conscious.